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MBS StadoffsMBS has the largest variety of high-quality Standoffs and Standoff Systems at the best prices anywhere around! From Inexpensive Aluminum Standoffs and Stainless Steel Standoffs to different types of Tamper Proof Standoffs and styles of caps, we have something for everyone! If you are looking for Standoffs or Standoff Systems, look no further than MBS!There are several different types of standoffs made.  The types we make are for the sign and display industries.  That is why they are called Sign Standoffs, or when they are used for glass, Glass Standoffs.  They are the often silver, round pieces of metal that holds a sign or display off the wall to make it more noticeable.  The standoffs give the sign an almost three-dimensional appearance.  

Standoff Colors

Our Inexpensive Standoff line is the same excellent quality as our customized standoffs.  The difference is that you are buying a complete standoff.  With our customizable line you buy the parts individually to construct the exact standoff you need if what you need does not fall into our Inexpensive line.

Our Tamper Proof Standoffs are designed to protect your items in your display from vandals or theft.  We offer two different styles, one is a reverse thread cap.  This simple trick prevents unauthorized access because as the person attempts to unscrew the cap unbeknownst to them they are actually tightening it even more.  The other uses a small set screw that locks the cap in place.

Eco-Lite Standoffs are an ecologically friendly standoff made from recyclable materials and the barrel is made hollow using less material.

Our Special Standoffs line is our line of specialized caps.  The caps are the part of the standoff that you see.  These specialized caps come in a super flat surface, rounded and a conical cap.

Square Standoffs offer you a really great looking alternative to the standard round standoff.  They are designed to fit right into the corner of the piece and have a very thin cap, again, making them different than most standoffs you will find. 

At MBS we design each standoff to our strict specifications to insure you get exactly what you need.  Then we insure the highest standards in manufacturing to provide you with the best product we possibly can. Next, we ship all our order the same day. Even if you order after 4PM we ship it that day. If you are in Florida, you get it the next day at no extra cost!

Our staff is highly trained to meet your needs. Call us if you need help placing your order or figuring out exactly what you need.  Standoffs and display items are all we do.  

Also, we are an ecologically friendly business.  Join us in making the world a better place.  At MBS we've developed our Eco-Lite standoff line, recycle paper and plastics and use electric vehicles (Nissan Leaf)